How to Get More Sleep – Tips to Beat Insomnia Naturally

On this episode of the How We Hustle Podcast,  you’ll hear 3 tips on how to get more sleep, and beat insomnia naturally, without medication! ← every entrepreneur needs this!

Tanya was recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and went to see a naturopath about it just to learn that her SLEEP schedule – or rather lack of sleep schedule – was having a much bigger impact on her health than she realized.

In this episode, you’ll hear – The 3 SIMPLE hacks to get more sleep, naturally!

– How a sleep schedule can make you more productive throughout your day.

– This sleep hack that will make you POP out of bed in the morning WITHOUT an alarm.

– “Healthy habits” that can make your life easier while making you more successful as an entrepreneur [#bonus]

– Why it FEELS like you’re more “creative” at night & the reason this might not be a good thing!

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